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University Research Institute on Therapeutic Neuroactivation

The University Research Institute on Therapeutic Neuroactivation (IURNAT) is a research centre promoted by the eUniv specialised in the study and scientific development of transcutaneous electrical nerve activation (TENS)

The IURNAT has legal personality and full capacity to act, by which it is linked by agreement with the University. Several entities with an interest its research form part of the IURNAT and participate with personal, material and economic resources.

The IURNAT focuses its research on the effect of TENS treatment, which is based on the fact that the ions responsible for the functional blockage of neurons are electrically charged particles, which is why they can be moved within an electric field. TENS takes advantage of this to promote, by generating electrically induced polarities at specific points on the patient’s skin, the displacement of excess ions accumulated in the extracellular fluid of the affected neurons, and to lead them to the physiological drainage channels (lymphatic vessels) so that they can be appropriately evacuated into the bloodstream, from where they are subsequently filtered by the kidneys and finally eliminated from the body through urine.

Academic bodies

The IURNAT’s Management Office is responsible for coordinating and representing the institute to third parties and the eUniv’s collegiate bodies, particularly the Doctoral Programme Committee.

The Manager of the IURNAT is Dr Manel Gálvez. His mandate ends on 31 August 2024. director.iufia@euniv.eu

The Technical Secretariat manages the institutional, research and training activities.

The Technical Secretary of the IURNAT is Dr A. Acosta. His mandate ends on 31 August 2024. secretaria.iufia@euniv.eu

The IURNAT has its own Scientific Advisory Council.

The Scientific Advisory Committee of IURNAT is formed by Dr P. A. Amadó, Dr P. Berga, Dr F. Guillén and Dr M. Pujol. Their mandate ends on 31 August 2024.

The IURNAT is based on the eUniv’s campus in Sant Julià de Lòria, and has a delegation in Barcelona to promote its activities.