eUniv hosts the conference “5 Steps to U.S. Study” at the new expanded headquarters in Sant Julià

The event will be held in the Aula Rector Noguero and will discuss the steps to follow to study in the United States

The informative session “5 Steps to U.S. Study” will take place next Friday, January 19 at 5 p.m. in the Rector Noguero Classroom of the eUniv. This event will be organized by the Institute of North American Studies together with the FUERP and will deal with the search process, how to finance the studies and the elements of the application.

EducationUSA is an official program of the US State Department; the office in Barcelona at the Institute of North American Studies offers the service for students, schools and families in Andorra. At this face-to-face session, you will be offered the opportunity to answer all questions with the academic adviser of EducationUSA Barcelona.

The new enlarged headquarters of the university that will host the information session was inaugurated last December 1 in an institutional ceremony attended by the Consul General of Sant Julià, the Secretary of State for Education and the Director General of AQUA, among others.