New Foreign Office of the eUniv in Quito (Ecuador)

The eUniv will have a new external office outside the Principality, the second after the one in Barcelona, which will be located in the capital of the Republic of Ecuador. The facility will have reception rooms, meeting rooms and an auditorium with capacity for fifty people.

This office will manage the development of the technology transfer agreement signed with the Ecuadorian University of the Pacific this 2023, and which is monitored by the IURNAT University Institute of the eUniv.

The Quito Foreign Office will be coordinated by Dr. Luís Vasquez, member of the eUniv Academic Senate, and his staff will be dedicated to attending to the academic and management needs of eUniv students from Ecuador.

Approved the study plan of the Bachelor in Political Science of the eUniv

Last Wednesday, July 12, the Government of Andorra approved Decree 358/2023, which approves the study plan for the Bachelor of Political Science at the Universitas Europaea IMF. The aforementioned decree was published in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra on July 19 of the current year.

This approved study plan is the eighth, and will be implemented at the F. Layret University College of the eUniv, like the rest of the courses in the fields of social sciences and arts and humanities.

Based on this approval, courses can begin to be offered during the next academic year 2023-24.

Visiting researcher of the eUniv doctorate at the University of Bologna

Dr. Victor Saínz de la Maza, visiting researcher at the Doctoral School of the eUniv, obtained the degree of doctor in veterinary medical sciences from the University of Bologna, and the panel formed by doctors D. Zambelli, L. Parma and chaired by Dr. Di Francesco awarded him the qualification of excellent cum laude last June 20.

The new doctor graduated in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Health from the University of Lleida, and much of his doctoral research was done at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). His collaboration with eUniv will from now on focus on the projects of the NAT University Research Institute.

Several eUniv representatives attended the event, including the director of the eUniv Doctoral School, the Academic Prothonotary, the Manager and the Prefect of the University’s Internal Quality Assurance Service.

The management of the eUniv Doctoral School visits the University of Bologna

Last June 20, a delegation from the eUniv Doctoral School led by its Director, Dr. Jordi Sauret, visited the University of Bologna with the aim of observing the functioning of doctoral theses defenses at the Alma Mater of European universities.

The eUniv delegates were able to attend and participate live in a Giornata de Difesa, in the morning, and in the Proclamazione event, in the afternoon, celebrated with all the solemnity in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

The Bolognese model orders several defenses of theses, belonging to the same department or specialty, in a single court, convened on two annual dates, which allows them to rationalize the procedures, a fact that the Management of the Doctorate School of the eUniv to highlight especially in their parliament.

eUniv begins the path towards Canon Law studies

Last June 19, a delegation from the eUniv led by Dr. Marc B. Escolà visited the headquarters in Rome of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, where he had a working meeting with Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz, professor of Canon Law at this Roman university.

In this meeting, all the options and the possibilities of developing a joint project of master’s level studies dedicated to Canon Law were evaluated, the results being highly satisfactory.

The eUniv delegation was also able to greet Dr. Luís Navarro, Rector of the PUSC, who expressed the institutional desire to establish inter-university agreements beneficial for all parties.

The eUniv already has several members of its Faculty of Law and Social Sciences who have doctorates or are specialized in the canonical legal field, which protects the solidity of the academic project.

Agreement with the Universidad del Pacífico de l’Ecuador

The Director of the NAT University Research Institute (IURNAT) of the eUniv, Dr. Carlos Martínez, last May 23, 2023, signed a technology transfer agreement with the Ecuadorian University of the Pacific, which has its headquarters in the city of Guayaquil.

By virtue of this agreement, IURNAT will advise the Ecuadorian institution in its process of transforming its teaching into the virtual modality, which will take effect through the eUniv teaching and academic management platforms.

The Director of IURNAT will join as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the University of the Pacific, and its Chancellor will do so as a member of the Academic Senate of the eUniv. The agreement also provides that Ecuadorian university professors have preferential right to admission to the doctoral research lines promoted by IURNAT.

eUniv creates a new center for polytechnic education

The Academic Board of the eUniv approved last May 23 the project, coordinated by Joaquim Vallès, to organize a fourth center of the university, dedicated to the implementation of technological and quantitative education.

This new center of the eUniv, which will be named the University Institute of Applied Technology (IUTA), will have its own teaching platform, HeldaTech, specially designed for the type of technical education.

Initially, IUTA will implement the Bachelor’s in Computer Science and the Master’s in Computer Engineering courses, and will proceed to modify the respective study plans in order to adapt them to the new platform.

The Director of AQUA visits the eUniv

Last Tuesday, May 23, the eUniv headquarters was visited by Dr. Isaac Galobardes, new Director of the Andorran Higher Education Quality Agency (AQUA), who presented the main lines of his action plan to the Academic Board of the University.

For their part, the Rector and the other members of the Board conveyed to him the present and future projects of the eUniv, as well as the positions on the objectives of the internal quality assurance system and its relationship with AQUA.

eUniv has been part of the AQUA Steering Committee since 2021, representing the private universities of the Principality of Andorra.

Created the Bachelor in Classical Languages

Last March 29, the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra published Decree 132/2023, of 22-3-2023, creating the state title of bachelor in classical languages. This new degree of the Andorran university system has been incorporated at the request of eUniv, which will shortly proceed to present the corresponding study plan to AQUA.

The bachelor’s degree in classical languages will have an academic load of 180 ECTS credits, and can be taken in six semesters (three academic years). Its implementation at eUniv is planned from the next academic year 2023-24, through the School of Classical Languages.

The new Master’s in Criminology is underway

Last Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the Government of Andorra approved, at the request of eUniv, the decree creating the state university degree of Master in Criminology (published in the BOPA on 8-III-2023). In accordance with the promulgated decree, the course will have a duration of 2 academic years (4 semesters) and a load of 120 European credits. To access it, you must be in possession of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, in the fields of criminology, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, social work, education, social education, journalism, business, medicine, nursing or others that may be related to the contents and professional outputs of the master’s degree.

The Academic Board of the eUniv approved in its regular session on March 21, 2023, the presentation to AQUA of the study plan report for this master’s degree, which will be coordinated by Dr. Lluís Jiménez, professor of criminal law at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the eUniv, and with accredited professional and academic experience in the world of criminology, who is confident of being able to start the implementation during the next academic year 2023-24.