The Doctoral Seminar on the History of Catalan Universities has been convened

On April 25, 2022, the Management of the J. H. Newman Doctoral School decided to authorize the public convening of the Seminar for the year 2022 of the University and Nation Doctoral Research Line.

The academic events will take place in Room 3 of the Seminars of the Lauredià Cultural and Congress Center, located in the Plaça de la Germandat in Sant Julià de Lòria.

The sessions will be held on 4 and 5 July 2022. The participation of people linked to the line of research is mandatory, and those who are interested in attending can contact, and will be admitted depending on the maximum capacity of the room (15 people).

Each of the six sessions will have a framework discussion paper. Professors and researchers from the universities of Lleida, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands and Perpignan are invited to this edition.

Agreement between the eUniv and the ErNE union

The eUniv has signed a new cooperation agreement with ErNE with representative entities of professional groups for the dissemination of its offer of university education.

ErNE is an independent trade union organization that includes members of all the police forces in the Basque Country. It was founded in 1984, and since 2001 it was part of the Union Internationale des Syndicats de Police, integrated in 2012 into the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP). ErNE represents a group of nearly four thousand people and has an active continuing education academy.

The agreement signed with ErNE provides for the establishment of a coordination mechanism between the parties that will facilitate technical and human cooperation in the processes of promotion, access, admission and follow-up of eUniv university education.

The Council of Sponsors of the Turó de la Seu Vella Chair is constituted

This Thursday, March 3th, the Council of Sponsors of the Turó de la Seu Vella Chair has been constituted, of which eUniv is a member as founder of the chair. The event took place in the Victor Siurana Room of the Rectorate of the University of Lleida, chaired by Dr. Joan J. Busqueta, Vice-rector of the UdL, and the director of the chair, Professor Eva Martín, presented the “the web of the chair“, exposing the objectives and the programmed plan of activities.

The eUniv will be in charge of presenting the action proposals linked to the Principality of Andorra, in view of its special historical link with Turó de la Seu, where the 13th-century sites that founded the country’s independence were signed.

Celebration of the ordinary session of the Academic Senate

The regular session of the University’s highest advisory body, the Academic Senate, took place on Friday, February 25th of 2022. The session proceeded to formalize the incorporation of the people who chair the three foundations associated with the eUniv, as well as the renewal of positions. Dr. Jesús M. Prujà, until now Vice-Chancellor, becomes the new Chancellor and President of the Academic Senate, and Mn. Josep Chisvert replaces him as Vice Chancellor.

The Senate also considered the possibility of applying for the creation of new state university degrees in the fields of classical languages and theology, as well as the project of assigning a center dedicated to technological education.

EUniv and the Jesuits of Sarrià – Sant Ignasi sign an agreement of collaboration and academic cooperation

This Friday, February 18th, the rector of the eUniv, Antoni Noguero, and the general director of the Jesuits of Sarrià, Josep Mª Ramon Gimeno, met to sign an agreement of collaboration and academic cooperation between both academic centers. This alliance establishes the basic rules for promoting eUniv studies among Jesuit students in Sarrià.

Dr. Antoni Noguero emphasized that this “is an important step to continue with the implementation of eUniv studies throughout the territory” and that “the support of an institution such as the Jesuits of Sarrià demonstrates the potential of the eUniv methodology in the formative development of the youngest students ”. For his part, Mr. Josep Mª Ramon pointed out that “this collaboration will allow the Jesuits of Sarrià to expand the outings they offer their students once they finish their studies”.

In addition, the agreement between the two entities enables teachers and members of both communities to participate jointly in institutional events, to collaborate in research initiatives.

Academic recognition agreement for Law studies

On February 11, 2022, an academic collaboration agreement has been signed between the Directorate of the F. Layret University College and the Center for University Studies (CEDEU) of Madrid. This agreement between both centers establishes a system of mutual recognition and validation of teaching units, between the eUniv’s Bachelor in Law and the CEDEU’s Degree in Law.

This will allow students of these studies who are interested in international mobility to have prior knowledge of the academic effects, while greatly simplifying the processing of the corresponding validation and recognition files.

The agreement is part of the F. Layret University College’s policy of establishing agreements with centers from other universities that have implemented bachelor-level education equivalent to theirs to facilitate, in general, the international mobility of students.

The Municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria, the eUniv, the UDA and Charlemagne join forces and constitute the Sant Julià de Lòria University Campus Association (ACU).

The Municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria, the University of Andorra, the University European and Charlemagne University have formed this Thursday at noon the Sant Julià de Lòria University Campus Association (ACU). This association was born thanks to the commitment of the corporation, the Government support for the involvement of university institutions for to consolidate Sant Julià de Lòria as a parish of reference in the field of higher education.

Sant Julià de Lòria is a town with a strong presence of higer education institutions: Ministry of Education, European University, University of Andorra, Charlemagne University, Institute of Studies Andorrans, Vocational Training Center, Aviation School, etc. And the presence of these institutions significantly influences the economy and the culture of the parish.

With data from 2020-2021 university and higher education moved one volume of about 3,200 students, of whom 58% were students face-to-face and 42% virtual students.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the percentage of virtual students is very important for the parish as virtual universities, through of its teaching staff, the academic boards, the doctoral proceedings, the presentations and other events related to its operation have a very positive influence on the economy of the parish. For this reason, this representative body has been created with the support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

During the event, held at the Casa Comuna after the plenary session of the Comú was approved unanimously initiated the initiative in an extraordinary session held this the same morning at 10 a.m., the Consul General and President of the ACU, Josep Majoral recalled some words spoken at the opening of the course the UdA in October last year said that “I count on all of you to make it possible”, in reference to all the projects linked to the growth of the parish through education.

Majoral went on to say that today one of them [project] is already a reality. I if they allow me, I count on all of you to make the rest possible. Together we can go beyond stages and write a beautiful page that generations they will surely take over for us”.

For this part, the rector of the European University, Antoni Noguero, also spoke said that “we are laying the first stone to strengthen the Common in the field university, as well as scientific and technological. It looks like one ideal initiative to show the residents of Sant Julià the potential that it has for the territory the activities that we will carry out”.

The rector of the UdA, Miquel Nicolau, emphasized that “Higher education and research are the best bet to contribute solutions to present and future challenges and to improve the quality of life of the citizens”.

The secretary spoke on behalf of Carlemany University Andreu Bellot, who emphasized that “collaboration between Andorran universities will contribute to Andorra, and in particular Sant Julià of Loria, can be recognized as a hub of knowledge that serves the new needs of the environment aligned with sustainability”.


The ACU is committed to making Sant Julià de Lòria the umbrella of the concepts university, science and technology that have a narrow link between them and that should be the engine of the population in the middle / home deadline to boost business and talent in science-related fields and technology.

The logo is focused on conveying the concepts of cohesion between the three legs: university, science and technology. Using the color silver in reference to the noble material in contrast to the color black to give a scientific reading in essence and technological in application.

Visiting researchers at J. H. Newman Doctoral School

The Academic Council of the University, at the proposal of the director of the Doctoral School, Dr. Jordi Sauret, approved the criteria and requirements that must be applied to visiting researchers who request research in the different specialized chairs of the center.

According to these, which differentiate between pre-doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, people admitted with this academic status must state their status at eUniv in all their publications related to the research carried out, as well as in all the scientific calls in which they participate during his stay at eUniv.

Last academic year 2020-21, the Fiter i Rossell Chair in Legal and Political Science had as visiting researcher Dr. Eugenio Pérez de Francisco, from the Department of International Law at the University of Alcalá de Henares, and the European Communication Observatory, for their part, were attended by Dr. Clara Eugènia de Uribe Gil, professor at the School of Public Relations at the University of Barcelona. In the current academic year 2021-22, the Manuel de Pedrolo Chair has as visiting researcher the professor Mrs. Maria Pupysheva, of Moscow State Linguistic University, who is conducting a predoctoral stay led by Dr. Helena Serés.

EUniv celebrates the first defense of a doctoral thesis in Sant Julià de Lòria

Presentació a Casa Comuna de la tesi doctoral Els grups d’empreses: Una anàlisi jurídica laboral del cas espanyol del doctorand Jaume J. Barcons

This Friday, October 19, in the Plenary Hall of the Common House of Sant Julià took place the first defense of the doctoral thesis of the European University (eUniv) made by Mr. Jaume J. Barcons under the name of The groups of companies: A labor legal analysis of the Spanish case. The event, which began at 12 am, was attended by the Consul General of the Municipality, Josep Majoral, and the Consul General, Mireia Codina, as well as the corresponding academic authorities and more than fifty attendees.

The session ended at 2 pm with the handing over of the certificate corresponding to the doctoral student by the Presidency. Mr. Barcons emphasized his pride in being able to “celebrate such an important event in such an iconic place in Sant Julià”. Both the Consul General and Mr. Marc B. Escolà, academic secretary of eUniv, wanted to show “the university’s commitment to the territory and the will to make Sant Julià a reference space in university education”.

EUniv is an online university that offers studies in business administration, law, humanities and Catalan philology and was established in the Principality of Andorra by the Government Agreement of 18 December 2019. The European University is committed to a quality model that offers its students a unique methodology that includes 5 periods of admission, sequential subjects and a wide economic flexibility. The University currently has more than a hundred students from all branches of knowledge.