The European University IMF and ACTINN sign a collaboration agreement on training projects

They want to promote a continuing education program adapted to the needs of the cluster members

The Universitat Europea IMF (eUniv), Andorran institution of higher education established in Sant Julià de Lòria, and ACTINN, the cluster of innovation and new technologies of Andorra, have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at:

  • Collaborate in training projects that ACTINN promotes among its partners and collaborators.
  • Promote a continuing education program adapted to the needs of the members of the cluster accredited by a higher education institution.

The Chancellor of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero stated that “this collaboration agreement with ACTINN reveals and reaffirms our institutional commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of innovation and new technologies, always seeking social and economic development fair and sustainable“.

On the other hand, the president of ACTINN, Albert Moles, states that “our companies and collaborators increasingly need to adapt their capacities and the skills of their teams to a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, and for this reason it is necessary to promote innovative training programs“.

Presented the Bachelor’s Degree Study Plan in Political Science

The eUniv has presented to the Andorran Quality Agency (AQUA) the memory of the Bachelor’s Degree Study Plan in Political Science. This title was created by Decree 300/2022, of July 13, 2022, of the Government of Andorra, at the request of the Charlemagne University.

The approval of this study plan will mean the implementation of the eighth Bachelor’s Degree at the F. Layret University College of the eUniv, and its implementation is scheduled for the next academic year 2023-24.

Following the eUniv academic model, the future Bachelor’s Degree will have a structure of five teaching units for each of the three courses of the program. Initially, the academic coordination of the title will be assumed by dr. Marc Gz.-Bachmann, Professor at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

The eUniv promotes the creation of new state university degrees

The eUniv has submitted to the ministry the applications, accompanied by the corresponding projects, for the creation of the Bachelor ‘s Degree in Classical Languages ​​and the master’s degrees in Theology and Religious Studies and in Criminology. The creation of these state titles by the Government will allow the university to present the reports for the approval of the corresponding study plans to the Andorran Quality Agency.

The establishment of the offer of state university degrees of the Principality of Andorra is a competence of its Government, which by means of its decrees proceeds to its creation or extinction. These governmental decisions are adopted by virtue of the initiatives of the country’s higher education institutions, which are the ones that propose and defend the creation of new qualifications before the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Since its creation in 2019, eUniv has launched the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, the Bachelor’s Degree in Law, the Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan, the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, as well as the Master’s Degree in Business Administration, the Master’s Degree in Humanities, the Master’s Degree in Catalan and the Interdisciplinary Program of Doctorate. In addition, he has recently presented the report to teach the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Dr. Josep M. Tous i Ral joins the Academic Senate of the University

On December 16, 2022, the General Meeting of the university, at the proposal of the Rector, approved the appointment of Dr. Josep Maria Tous i Ral as a member of the Academic Senate. Dr. Tous has been professor of Personality Psychology at the University of Barcelona, where he was trained and where he held several academic positions, including Dean of the Faculty of Psychology.

With its incorporation into the Academic Senate of the eUniv, the Psychology studies, which must begin their teaching during the current academic year 2022-23, will have a specialized referent with accredited academic experience when raising their questions initiatives.

Presented the eUniv Summer School project

The General Board of the University has agreed to the creation of the eUniv Summer School, the center that will be in charge of managing the annual academic program of the non-teaching two-month period (July and August).

The aim is to be able to offer an international program from the 2023-24 academic year, in face-to-face mode, and in the facilities available at the eUniv in Sant Julià de Lòria.

The Board has appointed as dean of the new center Alejandro de la Capilla-Heusch, specialized in international and diplomatic relations, who will coordinate the team of people who will design both the academic offer, as well as the procedures and logistics necessary to host an international university student in Andorra under conditions comparable to those of other European university centres.

eUniv present at the II Innovation Summit

eUniv participated in the II Innovation Summit organized by Andorra Research and Innovation (AR+I) which was held on November 21 at the Andorra Park Hotel and was attended by a hundred people. The event served to approve the adhesion of the commissions made up of the country’s experts in Talent, Business and Financing, Infrastructure and Ecosystem to the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy. The Andorra Startups platform, promoted jointly by AR+I and Andorra Business, was also presented, and the awards for the 2022 Planetech Challenge were presented.

Some of the priority actions that are to be promoted in a first phase are the detection of senior expatriate talent resident in Andorra to connect them to the ecosystem, the deployment of specialized training programs in innovation and entrepreneurship, the promotion of support to the business fabric to promote scale-up policies through the structuring of research and open innovation processes and projects, the identification of sectoral challenges and the development of projects that respond to them, or the launch of a public private funding program for early stage research and innovation projects that work on sectoral and country challenges.

eUniv and the Jesuits of Sarrià Bellvitge sign an agreement of collaboration and academic cooperation

On November 16th the rector of the eUniv, Antoni Noguero, and the general director of the Jesuits of Bellvitge, Núria Gonzalo Piguillem, met to sign an agreement of collaboration and academic cooperation between both academic centers. This alliance establishes the basic rules for promoting eUniv studies among Jesuit students in Bellvitge.

Dr. Antoni Noguero emphasized that this “is an important step to continue with the implementation of eUniv studies throughout the territory” and that “the support of an institution such as the Jesuits of Bellvitge demonstrates the potential of the eUniv methodology in the formative development of the youngest students ”. For his part, Ms. Núria Gonzalo Piguillem pointed out that “this collaboration will allow the Jesuits of Bellvitge to expand the outings they offer their students once they finish their studies”.

In addition, the agreement between the two entities enables teachers and members of both communities to participate jointly in institutional events, to collaborate in research initiatives.

Anti-naturalness and crisis of the Principle of Legality

The journal of the Pontifical University of Salamanca Cuadernos Salmantinos de Filosofia has published in its volume 49 (2022) a work by Dr. Vicent Benedito, professor of Civil Law at the eUniv and specialist in civil and canonical affiliation, on the effects that the crisis of the concept of Nature is causing on the legal principle of legality. The article criticizes Clément Rosset’s theories of anti-naturalness and relies on Heisenberg’s theses to propose the recovery of the principle of legality without disassociating it from natural reality.

The article can be consulted digitally in open at:

Approved the decree of the Bachelor in Communication of the eUniv

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, the Government of Andorra approved the Decree approving the eUniv Bachelor’s in Communication curriculum, and the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra published it on 19 of the same month.

This study plan, which was positively evaluated by the Andorran University Quality Agency, structures the teaching in 6 semesters (3 academic years) and assigns a total academic load of 180 European credits.

The degree coordination team expects to be able to start implementation from the fourth or fifth semester of the 2022-23 academic year.

eUniv signs an agreement with Opció-Recursos Humans to develop the material for the Bachelor in Psychology

Last Saturday, October 21, the signing ceremony of the agreement between eUniv and the Andorran company Opció-Recursos Humans took place in order to launch the preparation of teaching materials for the Bachelor in Psychology. Recently, the Government of Andorra has approved the decree by which the European University can teach these studies, which will probably start in 2023.

The event took place at the headquarters of the University of Sant Julià de Lòria, signed on behalf of eUniv by its Manager, Mr. Anton Miret, and on behalf of Opció-Recursos Humans its Administrator, Ms. Elisa Fité. Likewise, the foundations have also been laid to establish future lines of collaboration.