Organisational structure

University services are organisational units that provide specific services to the University, assisting learning, teaching and research, and helping the university community and society in general.

Their creation, modification, suppression or merger is the responsibility of the General Board, on its own initiative or at the proposal of the Academic Board. The creation agreement must include structure, functions and organisational dependency, as well as the assignment, if applicable, of the service’s Chiefdom and contractual system.

The services can be organised, provided and managed by the eUniv or by other persons or entities under agreements or concessions approved by the General Board.

All the services have a Chiefdom responsible for their everyday management and the coordination of the Quality Monitoring Technical Commission, in accordance with the eUniv’s Internal Quality Assurance System.

The appointment of the persons responsible for the chiefdoms corresponds to the bodies to which the services are organisationally attached.