EUniv celebrates the first defense of a doctoral thesis in Sant Julià de Lòria

Presentació a Casa Comuna de la tesi doctoral Els grups d’empreses: Una anàlisi jurídica laboral del cas espanyol del doctorand Jaume J. Barcons

This Friday, October 19, in the Plenary Hall of the Common House of Sant Julià took place the first defense of the doctoral thesis of the European University (eUniv) made by Mr. Jaume J. Barcons under the name of The groups of companies: A labor legal analysis of the Spanish case. The event, which began at 12 am, was attended by the Consul General of the Municipality, Josep Majoral, and the Consul General, Mireia Codina, as well as the corresponding academic authorities and more than fifty attendees.

The session ended at 2 pm with the handing over of the certificate corresponding to the doctoral student by the Presidency. Mr. Barcons emphasized his pride in being able to “celebrate such an important event in such an iconic place in Sant Julià”. Both the Consul General and Mr. Marc B. Escolà, academic secretary of eUniv, wanted to show “the university’s commitment to the territory and the will to make Sant Julià a reference space in university education”.

EUniv is an online university that offers studies in business administration, law, humanities and Catalan philology and was established in the Principality of Andorra by the Government Agreement of 18 December 2019. The European University is committed to a quality model that offers its students a unique methodology that includes 5 periods of admission, sequential subjects and a wide economic flexibility. The University currently has more than a hundred students from all branches of knowledge.

EUniv participates in the birth of the Eiximenis magazine

The Catalan Society for Legal Studies, a subsidiary of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), has decided to create a scientific journal dedicated to Public Law, which complements those already created on Historical Law and Private Law. This magazine will be called Eiximenis, in homage to the author of the treatise on the Public Thing Regiment (1383), and in memory of the Francesc Eiximenis Prize for the best research work on legal, economic and social sciences, instituted in 1950 at the time Catalan Society for Legal, Economic and Social Studies, from which the current Society for Legal Studies emerged.

EUniv will be present in this new scientific project through Professor Dr. Marc B. Escolà, from the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, who is part of the Editorial Board of the journal and is the author, in the first issue, of the award presentation of the historical figure of Francesc Eiximenis.

eUniv adheres to the Andorra Biosphere Reserve Candidacy

The Academic Board of the University, meeting in ordinary session on October 19, 2021 at the headquarters of Sant Julià de Lòria, at the proposal of the Vice-Rector for Continuous Training and University Extension, unanimously adopted the agreement of its members to join the University European IMF for the Andorra, Biosphere Reserve candidacy, promoted by the Government of Andorra, in collaboration with the Institute of Andorran Studies, the Andorran Sustainability Observatory and Actua Innovació (

This candidacy was created with the aim of achieving recognition for the model of balance between development and sustainability in Andorra, which also coincides with a key milestone: the development of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The candidacy will be presented during the month of April 2022 at UNESCO, which, within a period of approximately six months, will issue a resolution.

Organized visits to the MNAC

Dra. Marta Mitjans, in collaboration with Fragment, has organized a visit to the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) last Sunday, October 3rd.

The activity, which lasted two hours (from 12pm to 2pm), followed a Romanesque-Gothic-Modern route. In addition, Dra. Mitjans will repeatedly collaborate in this type of itinerary, which is open to the public and is conducted in Catalan.

Fragment Serveis Culturals is a cultural services company that was born with the desire to consolidate the broad professional career of its founders in the field of culture and leisure, while defending lines of action that promote identification, understanding and enhancement of heritage through the conceptualization, creation and implementation of cultural, educational and dissemination projects.

EUniv requests the implantation of Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Psychology

On September 7, the Academic Board of the eUniv approved the presentation, before the University Quality Agency of Andorra (UQAA), of the application reports for approval of the study plans of the bachelor in Communication and Psychology.

The UQAA officially communicated to the eUniv the acceptance of the applications and the start of their procedures on September 20.

Once the favorable reports from the UQAA will be obtained, the eUniv will be able to request the Government to approve the decrees for the approval of the study plans, with the anticipation that the new teachings can be implemented next academic year 2022-23.

EUniv participates in the 53rd Catalan Summer University

Representatives of eUniv attended various events of the 53rd Catalan Summer University (UCE), held as every year in the town of Prada de Conflent. The pandemic prevented this attendance last year, so this call has been the first with the presence of eUniv.

Dr. Marc B. Escolà attended the event Universitat, país i recuperació democràtica, which took place on August 20, with the participation of the rectors of the UB, UAB, UOC, UPF and the UCE itself.

On the same day, the Coordinator of Humanities Education at eUniv, Xavier Fantova, took part in the event on L’espoli patrimonial del Museu de Lleida, with the presence of the bishop, the mayor and the president of the Diputació de Lleida.

Also, on Saturday, 21 other members of the eUniv delegation were able to attend the events organized by the Andorran Science Society at the UCE, as every year.

Publication of the first doctoral work of the eUniv

The latest issue of the General Journal of Labor and Social Security Law publishes the work of Jaume J. Barcons, visiting researcher at the J. H. Newman Doctoral School of eUniv, dedicated to the subject of labor company groups.

This article is part of his doctoral research and constitutes the first work of the eUniv Doctoral Program, implemented this year 2021, which reaches its publication in a specialized scientific journal.

eUniv joins the Turó de la Seu Vella Chair in Lleida

The Rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, has signed on July 27 the agreement to incorporate our university into the Turó de la Seu Vella Chair in Lleida, promoted by the University of Lleida (UdL) to promote protection of this historical heritage environment before UNESCO.

The signing ceremony, held at the Rector’s Office of the University of Lleida, was attended by the institutional presence of the major and minor consuls of the Sant Julià de Lòria Community, Josep Majoral and Mireia Codina, which is the promoter of the Association University campus. In this meeting they have been able to talk with the Rector of the UdL, Dr. Jaume Puy, about the positive dynamics that the relationship between city and university entails.

The Andorran pareatges of the thirteenth century, origin of the sovereignty of the Principality, were signed in the King’s Castle on this hill by the Bishop of Urgell and the Count of Foix before King Pere II, who was the guarantor. The commemoration of this momentous historical event is what motivates eUniv’s participation as the founding entity of this Chair.

Professor Eugenio Pérez is awarded by the Madrid Bar Association

The prize, from the Military Law and Security section, is awarded for the merits of the works presented in each of the areas of the world of Law

Dr. Eugenio Pérez is a visiting professor in the area of Public International Law and International Relations at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the eUniv, and Coordinator of the doctoral research line of the Fiter i Rossell Chair dedicated to Foreign and Common Security Policy of the European Union.

Interview with Professor Jordi Albiol: “Many creditors’ disputes get worse because the company waits until the end”

The newspaper Ara publishes an interview with Albiol to talk about the bankruptcy proceedings

Jordi Albiol is a visiting professor in the area of ​​Commercial Law at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences. He has also been a partner in the DWF-RCD firm and insolvency administrator since 2004.

You can read the full interview at this link in the newspaper Ara: