Participation of eUniv in the meeting of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS)

Every three years, the members of the International Association of Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS) meet and participate in a week-long conference. Over the years, this event has become the single most important conference in the field of neo-Latin studies. The communications presented at these conferences offer an overview of the current state of Neo-Latin research; its current trends, popular topics and methodologies.

In 2022, IANLS members met in Leuven where the first of these congresses took place 50 years ago. As a result of these days, the book “Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Lovaniensis. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Leuven 2022)” has been published. The articles cover a wide range of fields, including literature, history, philology, and religious studies.

Dr. Daniel Alvàrez, professor of Classical Languages ​​at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the European University-IMF, has participated in these conferences by publishing the article “Defenestratio ex Deputatione iurisperiti Narcissi de Sancto Dionisio et acta pertinentia Latine scripta (1425–1428)“.

E-Book ISBN: 9789004695580

The eUniv Senate meets

Last Friday, June 14, the ordinary session of the Senate of the European University-eUniv corresponding to the second semester of the 2023-24 academic year was held.

The Chancellor, Dr. Jesús Prujà and the Vice-Chancellor, Mn. Pepe Chisvert, opened the session, which was attended by the majority of senators. In accordance with the agenda, the different evolutions of the university’s centers (F. Layret University College, J.H. Newman Doctoral School, University Institute of Applied Technology and the School of Classical Languages), in charge of the respective directors. Next, the academic prothonotary, Dr. Marc Escolà, presented the development of the various ongoing institutional projects, placing special emphasis on the international academic agreements signed, the different international networks of the University, the project of the School of Modern Languages ​​and the creation of the scientific journal Alma Mater . The Manager of the University, Anton Miret, closed the exhibitions by explaining to the Senate the promotion agreements signed with networks of higher education centers, especially with those in Latin America, as well as the rehabilitation and expansion works started at the headquarters and the Barcelona Foreign Office and, ultimately, the University’s economic development forecasts.

The Rector, Dr. Antoni Noguero, brought the session to a close and then the members of the Senate went to lunch at Naturland Lauredian Park, and later visited the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Canòlich, in commemoration of the eight hundred years since the image was found.

eUniv present at ACTINN & Talks

The professor of the Bachelor of Industrial Organization Engineering at the eUniv, Ramon Puente, participated in the monthly ACTINN & Talks Conference, which took place on Thursday, June 13, 2024 at the Ingeni Coworking Ònix, giving the conference on Digital business models and sustainability. In this conference, which was attended by managers and representatives of Andorran companies and administrations, Professor Puente presented his theses on the effective compatibility between sustainability and corporate social responsibility and the emerging business competitiveness of digital businesses.

Also, and in a complementary way to the conference, the Executive Program in Digital Transformation was presented, which is organized by eUniv together with ACTINN, and of which professor Puente himself will be the coordinator. This program will have the participation of more than 10 specialists in digital transformation, and requests for information can be addressed to

Participation in the publication of the book Estudis Luso-Hispanas d’Història del Dret III

Dr. Daniel Alvàrez, professor of Classical Languages ​​at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the European University-IMF, has published the article “The Dignity of Late Medieval Catalan Jurists” in the book Estudis Luso-Hispanics d’Història del Dret, Capdeferro, Josep, coordinate (2024), vol. III, Madrid; Ed. Dykinson, pp. 27-50.

This volume brings together most of the communications presented at the IV Hispano-Lusiana Meeting of Historians of Law held at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona in June 2022. The twenty-five chapters of the book deal with legal aspects of the Iberian territories in the middle ages, modern and, above all, contemporary, until the end of the 20th century. Special emphasis is placed on jurisdictional conflicts, doctrine on insurance in the ius commune era, judicial experiences and figures or the construction and crisis of the liberal state.

eUniv is participating in the upcoming Actinn&Talks on “Digital business models and sustainability” with Ramon Puente, entrepreneur, business advisor, investor.

The event, which will take place next June 13 at 19.00 at the Ingeni Coworking Ònix, will have the participation of Ramon Puente, professor of the bachelor’s degree in Industrial Organization Engineering at the eUniv. Those interested can register for free by sending an email to

Actinn will also present the Digital Transformation Training Program for executives and professionals with the European University-IMF.

The European University and Linkia FP sign an academic cooperation agreement to promote Andorran university studies

The agreement follows the line of collaborations that eUniv has established to publicize the institution and Andorran studies internationally

Last May, eUniv and Linkia FP, a Spanish center for higher education courses, signed an academic cooperation agreement that establishes the specific admission and validation bases for CFGS graduates from Linkia FP. The rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the sole administrator of Linkia FP, Mr. Xavier Camí signed the agreement in a protocol ceremony held at the external office of the eUniv in Barcelona.

With this agreement, eUniv continues with its policy of international alliances that allow the Andorran university brand to be consolidated, as well as the position of Sant Julià de Lòria as a university powerhouse. In this sense, the cooperation agreement with Linkia FP is added to those already established with the centers of Universae, the Jesuits and the Instituto Universitario Superior de San Isidro in Ecuador, among others.

“Our will is to continue to make a mark and make a country everywhere; the Andorra brand has a lot of potential and we believe that from the university world we can promote alliances that are productive for the country’s identity”, said Dr. walnut tree In the same way, Mr. Xavier Camí has ​​assured that “this alliance is the product of the will of both entities to give value and strength to quality training”.

Linkia FP is a distance professional training center made up of several reference centers such as Stucom, the Center for Polytechnic Studies, Monlau or EduCem, among others. Linkia is committed to offering a 100% online and face-to-face pedagogical model that combines theory and professional practice and trains the student in the latest digital skills.

The eUniv present at Actinn’s 8th INNTEC Conference

The Academic Prothonotary of the European University, Dr. Marc Escolà, participated this Monday, May 6, in the round table “How will the IAG impact society?: education, public function, health and finance”, scheduled as part of the 8th INNTEC Conference organized by the Cluster of Technological Companies of Andorra (Actinn). Dr. Escolà has exposed the advantages that AI brings to the educational world, but has also stated that AI has brought serious problems such as, for example, evaluation.

The 8th INNTEC Conference, entitled The Democratization of Generative Artificial Intelligence, was inaugurated by the very illustrious Mrs. Conxita Marsol, Minister of the Presidency, Economy, Work and Housing of the Government of Andorra.

The Alma Mater University Institute is organizing a Technical Conference dedicated to the future of university assessment

On Friday, May 3, 2024, a Technical Conference was held in the Rector Noguero Room of the eUniv, dedicated specifically to the problems experienced by the evaluation systems of universities as a result of the introduction of AI to all the levels.

At the Conference several speakers presented the experiences of a series of different university centers: Aleix Dorca (University of Andorra), Marc B. Escolà (University Europea IMF), Rosa M. Gil (University of Lleida), Jordi Garcia (University of Girona), Francisco J. Guillén (Santa Clara University of California), Maria Pupysheva (Moscow State University of Languages), Xavier Sales (Vic-Central University of Catalonia), and David Tanganelli (International University of Catalonia). These experiences made it possible to consider the problem from a set of different academic disciplines, such as engineering, economics, law, tourism, psychology, humanities, business and philology.

Institutional representatives were also present at the Conference, such as the Director of Higher Education of the Government of Andorra, Xavier Campuzano, and the Director of the Access Office at the University of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in addition to representatives academics, such as the chancellor of Carlemany University, Helena Prieto, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lleida, Joan J. Busqueta.

The president of the Alma Mater University Institute, Eladi Llop, announced that the magnitude of the AI challenge requires a permanent inter-university cooperative effort, which is why he announced a second Technical Conference, already dedicated to directly discussing the different technical and regulatory proposals, which must allow universities to continue to assure society of their ability to assess students and thus accredit their degrees.

eUniv participates in the tribute to Professor Paul Freedman (Yale University) at the Monastery of Bellpuig de les Avellanes

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig de les Avellanes, the act of honoring the American historian Paul Freedman, a professor at Yale University, who has dedicated a good part of his fifty years, was held from his academic life to the study of medieval Catalan and Andorran history.

The tribute was promoted by the Consolidated Research Group in Medieval Studies of the University of Lleida and by the association of Friends of the Avellanes Monastery, and several members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities attended on behalf of eUniv, headed by the Humanities Education Coordinator, Francesc X. De Fantova.

Dr. Flocel Sabaté, made the academic gloss of the historian, who presented his latest book: The Splendor and Opulence of the Past: Studying the Middle Ages in Enlightenment Catalonia, a work that collects his research of the last decades on the so-called Escola Històrica de les Avellanes (18th century), especially on the documentation of the abbot and historian Jaume Caresmar, unexpectedly discovered in 2002.

Precisely, the participation of the eUniv in the academic recognition of the figure of Dr. Freedman consists of the translation and edition in Catalan of this work, which will be published next year 2025.

eUniv organizes the presentation of a book at the Sagrada Família in Barcelona with the presence of the Government of Andorra

The Catalan version of the Compendium of the Biblical Canon was presented in the Barcelona basilica in an event presided over by the Archbishop of Barcelona and with the presence of the Minister of Institutional Relations, Education and Universities of the Government of Andorra

Last Wednesday (April 24, 2024), the Basilica of the Sagrada Família hosted a significant event for biblical studies: the presentation of the book Compendium of the Biblical Canon. Bilingual lists of the biblical catalogs, Old Testament, New Testament and Apocrypha, edited by the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona (ISCREB) and the School of Classical Languages of the eUniv.

The author of the Compendium is Dr. Waldecir Gonzaga, from the universities of Rio de Janeiro and Leuven, and the translators have been Dr. Gabriel of the S.T. Sampol (Catalan) and Dr. Ramon Torné (Greek and Latin), professor at the School of Classical Languages of the eUniv.

The event was presided over by Cardinal Mn. Joan Josep Omella and by the Chancellor of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and had the assistance of the Minister of Institutional Relations, Education and Universities of the Government of Andorra, Mr. Ladislau Baró, and the Director of Higher Education of the same Ministry, Mr. Xavier Campuzano, among other Andorran authorities.

The Chancellor of the eUniv, Dr. Jesús Maria Prujà, who recalled that the mission of the university is to generate knowledge, and that initiatives such as this edition are aimed directly at this, while contributing to the strengthening of the Catalan language and culture, which is also the commitment of the eUniv.

The Rector of the eUniv intervened at the closing of the event highlighting the unparalleled framework of the academic event, thanking the work of the people who have made it possible, with a special mention addressed to Mn. Ramon Ollé, eUniv senator, and Dr. Ramon Batlle, director of the School of Classical Languages at the eUniv. Afterwards, those attending the event enjoyed a private visit to the basilica.