eUniv and the Instituto Universitario Universae Universae sign an academic cooperation agreement

The Rector of eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the Rector of the Instituto Universitario Universae Universae, Alejandro Austria, signed last Friday, March 8, an academic cooperation agreement that conveys the bases for admission and validation of both institutions by the respective students.

The Rector of eUniv has stated that “eUniv is committed to academic excellence and this agreement corroborates this”. Mr. Alejandro Austria has assured that “academic cooperation between universities is an engine for the social development of modern societies and that is why we are very happy with this agreement”.

eUniv and Universidad Internacional Universae sign an academic cooperation agreement

The Rector of eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the Rector of the Universidad Internacional Universae, Benito Mercader, signed last Friday, March 8, an academic cooperation agreement that establishes the basis for admission and validation of both institutions for part of the respective students.

Dr. Antoni Noguero emphasized that this “is an agreement that strengthens the University and its international ties”. For his part, Mr. Benito Mercader has indicated that “with the help of eUniv, our academic project is strengthened”.

eUniv and Universae sign an academic cooperation agreement

The Rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the General Attorney of Universae, Miguel Sieteiglesias, signed last Wednesday, March 6, an academic cooperation agreement that establishes the specific admission and validation bases for CFGS graduates coming from Universae institutes.

Dr. Antoni Noguero emphasized that this “is an important agreement to continue with the territorial implementation strategy of the eUniv” and that “the collaboration with Universae demonstrates the potential of the eUniv methodology in the educational development of students younger”. For his part, Mr. Miguel Sieteiglesias has pointed out that “this collaboration will allow Universae to expand the career opportunities we offer to students once they finish their studies”.

UNIVERSAE is a professional training center that covers several areas and specializes in the health and technology sector. In addition, UNIVERSAE has campuses in different geographical locations at an international level: more than 90,000 m² distributed between Spain, the USA and Latin America at the student’s disposal.

IURNAT and the Instituto Universitario Superior San Isidro sign a Scientific and Technical Cooperation agreement

The Director of the NAT University Research Institute (IURNAT) and vicedean of the eUniv, Dr. Carlos Martínez, signed last March 12, 2024 a scientific and technical cooperation agreement with the Instituto Universitario San Isidro, which has its headquarters in the city of Cuenca.

By virtue of this agreement, IURNAT will advise the Ecuadorian institution in its process of transforming its teaching into the virtual modality, which will take effect through the eUniv teaching and academic management platforms.

The Instituto Universitario San Isidro is an educational center that was born in 2008 and whose mission is to train citizens with solid values, aware of national identity and respect for nature; entrepreneurial professionals, with leadership and commitment.

Executive Digital Transformation program for companies

ACTINN, the Innovation and New Technologies Cluster of Andorra, and the European University – IMF (eUniv) are organizing the first digital transformation executive program to be carried out in Andorra in person. It is aimed at managers, middle managers, professionals and freelancers who want to make their businesses more competitive.

According to the latest digital maturity report of the Chamber of Commerce (CCIS), MoraBanc and the consultancy Iniced, Andorran companies continue to have digital transformation as a pending subject. The 2023 grade is 3.55 out of 10, with a tiny improvement of four tenths over the 2020 grade.

ACTINN and Andorra Esports Cluster members can register, and it is also open to other companies in the country that want to train in this area of new technologies and the digital transformation of businesses, whatever their sector of business. activity

The program lasts for 12 sessions, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and starts on April 5. If you want to register, you must send an e-mail to and we will contact you.

Approved the study plan of the Bachelor in Industrial Organization Engineering of the eUniv

In the session of Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the Council of Ministers approved the study plan for the Bachelor in Industrial Organization Engineering of the IMF European University.

This Bachelor will be implemented in the next academic year 2024-25 at the Institute of Applied Technology of the eUniv in the virtual modality. The degree corresponds to level 6A of the Marc Andorrà de Qualificaciones (MAQ) and can be accessed from secondary education and from the other complementary pathways.

The duration of the studies – which have a workload of 180 European credits – is three full-time academic courses divided into six semesters, however, these studies can also be taken part-time, adjusting the duration.

People qualified in this will obtain the skills to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial and service activities; promote continuous improvement and product innovation; and apply the organizational models, services and technological processes most appropriate to each company, within the framework of the new industrial model.

The students of this bachelor’s degree will study subjects on thermodynamics, sustainability and the environment, statistics, physics and chemistry, electrical and electronic technology, management and company finance, sustainable energy, IT, and design and innovation, among others.

Dr. Josep Serrano presents his work on the figure of Pere Màrtir Sans and the Dominican missions in Asia

On Saturday, January 13, 2024, the work of Dr. Josep Serrano, coordinator of the Doctoral Program of the eUniv, on Fra Pere Màrtir Sans i Jordà, a Dominican native of Ascó (Ribera d’Ebre), who was bishop of the Chinese diocese of Mauricastro, where he died a victim of religious persecution against the Catholics in 1747.

Professor Serrano’s work is the result of two decades of continuous research, including visits to the sites of historical events, and has been published in three volumes by the Ascó City Council, and presented in the municipal assembly hall of same municipality by its authorities. The event was attended by Dr. Josep M. Sans, eUniv senator, Dr. Marc Escolà, Academic Prothonotary of the eUniv, and Dr. Xavier Baró, professor at the Faculty of Humanities at the International University of Catalonia.

The books contextualize the biography of Bishop Sans, beatified by Leo XIII (1893) and canonized by John Paul II (2000), within the missionary action of the Order of Preachers in Asia, organized from his Province of the Rosary , based in Manila.

eUniv hosts the conference “5 Steps to U.S. Study” at the new expanded headquarters in Sant Julià

The event will be held in the Aula Rector Noguero and will discuss the steps to follow to study in the United States

The informative session “5 Steps to U.S. Study” will take place next Friday, January 19 at 5 p.m. in the Rector Noguero Classroom of the eUniv. This event will be organized by the Institute of North American Studies together with the FUERP and will deal with the search process, how to finance the studies and the elements of the application.

EducationUSA is an official program of the US State Department; the office in Barcelona at the Institute of North American Studies offers the service for students, schools and families in Andorra. At this face-to-face session, you will be offered the opportunity to answer all questions with the academic adviser of EducationUSA Barcelona.

The new enlarged headquarters of the university that will host the information session was inaugurated last December 1 in an institutional ceremony attended by the Consul General of Sant Julià, the Secretary of State for Education and the Director General of AQUA, among others.

eUniv inaugurates the new expanded headquarters in Sant Julià

The university will have more than 700 square meters dedicated to different spaces and services

The eUniv inaugurated this Friday its new expanded headquarters in Sant Julià de Lòria. The new space will have four large, differentiated spaces: Aula Rector Noguero, Layret Seminar, IUTA/IUR NextG and Academic Services. The event, which had around sixty attendees, brought together personalities from the political, academic and economic spheres. Among the attendees were the Consul Major of Sant Julià, Josep Majoral, the Consul Minor, Mireia Codina, the Secretary of State for Education, Josep Antoni Bardina, the Director General of Universities, Xavier Campuzano, and the director of the AQUA, Isaac Galobardes, among others.

Bardina has pointed out, in his parliament, the importance of attracting talent to keep moving forward as a country. Then, the Consul General commented that “I only have words of thanks for the work done by the European University”. Mayoral also said that “the university has always been by the corporation’s side and its success has made the path of those who have come later easier.” Finally, the rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, closed the event by saying “the university is taking shape step by step, thanks to continuous and committed dedication”.

Today, eUniv has more than 300 Bachelor’s and Master’s students and another 300 in its own programs. In addition, throughout the four years of the university’s existence, it has been possible to build a wide academic offer, with 4 centers and almost twenty university degrees, which have 4 faculties that already host more than 70 professors. To all this, we must add the University’s Foreign Office in the capital of Ecuador, from where relations with South American universities are managed.

All photos have been done and given by the Comú de Sant Julià de Lòria.

Transfer knowledge to the country

The Academic Senate connects the institution with society and the productive fabric

The European University (eUniv), promoted by the Layret Foundation and established in Andorra in 2019, will hold the graduation ceremony of the first two promotions at the end of this year. A total of 220 students, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, 30 of whom are Andorrans, study there with online training that is adapted to the students’ needs.

If technology is one of the legs of a unique teaching methodology, it also plays a fundamental role in the academic offer. In the 2024-2025 academic year, the bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Data Science and Industrial Organization Engineering will be launched, as well as the master’s degree in Computer Engineering, courses that are in the approval phase. The bet goes beyond the university level, however. With the desire to connect studies and society, it has created the Academic Senate, the highest consultative body of the eUniv, made up of fifteen renowned professionals from various fields.

“It allows knowledge to be transferred from the academic world to society and business”, points out the entrepreneur Ferran Martínez, the senator specializing in innovation and new technologies. The flow also works in reverse. The director of the Institut Universitari de Tecnologia Aplicada (IUTA) Joaquim Vallès, emphasizes how the senators “bring us a lot of information about the concerns or needs of the social and productive fabric of the country”, to the point that some of their proposals “a bachelor has come out of it”.

Martínez is convinced that eUniv can play an important role in the economic diversification of the country. “It’s a model similar to the American one, in which the economic fabric, companies and the university go hand in hand”. To promote debate and reflection on scientific research and digital transformation, eUniv convenes and participates in conferences, conferences, debates, seminars and expert meetings.

A ‘TechLab’ for applied research in new technologies and innovation

eUniv is fully aware that universities cannot undertake research alone. With the aim of promoting research in various fields, it has set up four institutes: Alma Mater, NextG, Laurentia and IURNAT. The NextG university institute is a TechLab for applied research in the field of artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms, Machine Learning, Blockchain, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and biotechnology. The combination of all these elements makes it possible to create applications that were difficult to imagine a few years ago, but which are already present among us. The institute wants to become a Think Tank, generator of debate, reflection and dissemination on the challenges posed by scientific and technological research, as well as on the practical application of the results.

Projects in mobility, drones and ‘E-health’

The NextG Institute promotes its own research and technological innovation projects. There are currently specific drone, e-Health and mobility initiatives. It also participates – with agreements with entities and companies – in networks that allow it to connect directly with international experts.