Pedagogical conference on classical and biblical traditions in contemporary Catalonia

The eUniv School of Classical Languages collaborates in the organization of the Pedagogical Day on classical and biblical traditions in contemporary Catalonia, which took place last Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the headquarters of the Conciliar seminary Barcelona.

The Conference has been convened to commemorate the centenary of the Bernat Metge Foundation and the Catalan Bible Foundation, and is organized by the Catalan Society of Cultural History and the Open Institute of Catalonia.

The bibliographic fund of the School of Classical Languages of the eUniv has both the three complete collections of Bernat Metge’s bilingual texts (Greek, Latin and Christian), as well as the Catalan Bible, and is currently in the processing phase before the Andorran Quality Agency its study plan for the Bachelor in Classical Languages, a state university degree created by the Government of Andorra at the behest of the eUniv.