About sixty people attend the circular economy and waste event organized by the eUniv

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for the Environment of Andorra and about twenty experts from the sector to discuss the challenges that public administrations must face

The act “The circular economy and the management of urban waste in Andorra and Catalonia” organized by the eUniv has gathered around sixty people at the headquarters of the Escola Superior de Relacions Públiques (ESRP). The event served to highlight the various challenges faced by the public administrations of Andorra and Catalonia and to discuss possible solutions. The Secretary of State for Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability, Marc Rosselló, and about twenty experts have participated in the different debate tables that addressed the problem from a transversal point of view.

The director of the Environmental Studies Center of the eUniv, Dra. Conxa Puebla, has affirmed that “the day has been a great success and highlights the real difficulties of implementing Circular Economy measures that affect the management of urban and municipal waste, both in Andorra and Catalonia “. The rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero explained that “it is for this reason that the Center for Environmental Studies, together with the European Communication Observatory of the Doctorate School J.H. NEWMAN of the eUniv, have decided to convene a specific conference dedicated to this challenge”.

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Marc Rosselló, Secretary os State of Agriculture, Environtment and Sustainibility of Andorra during the opening of the event