Agreement with the Universidad del Pacífico de l’Ecuador

The Director of the NAT University Research Institute (IURNAT) of the eUniv, Dr. Carlos Martínez, last May 23, 2023, signed a technology transfer agreement with the Ecuadorian University of the Pacific, which has its headquarters in the city of Guayaquil.

By virtue of this agreement, IURNAT will advise the Ecuadorian institution in its process of transforming its teaching into the virtual modality, which will take effect through the eUniv teaching and academic management platforms.

The Director of IURNAT will join as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the University of the Pacific, and its Chancellor will do so as a member of the Academic Senate of the eUniv. The agreement also provides that Ecuadorian university professors have preferential right to admission to the doctoral research lines promoted by IURNAT.