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University Institutes: The necessary cooperation

The eUniv is fully aware that today higher education institutions cannot consider a development research strategy in isolation. The wide range of subjects of study as a result of the unstoppable emergence of scientific specialisations makes a rigorous and ongoing research activity unthinkable without the support of the social and economic agents.

Thus, the eUniv’s institutional strategy consists of fostering the creation of university institutes specialised in fields of interest for the university, and later offering people or entities with interests related to the field of study and research of each institute the possibility of forming part of it.

This strategy entails giving the institutes a legal personality to integrate the partners interested and establish an agreement model to link the institutes with the University, and regulates their academic organisation, participation in the Research Master Plan and, very particularly, the relationship with the J. H. Newman Doctoral School and its Doctoral Programme.

As such, eUniv has legally set up four institutes: the Alma Mater University Institute, dedicated to research in the field of Arts and Humanities and organizer of the Universities and Nation doctoral research line; the NextG University Institute, created as a Think Tank or Ideas Laboratory to develop and organize debate and outreach activities in the field of science and technology; the Laurentia University Institute, dedicated to security research and organizer of the doctoral research line on University training in security sciences; and finally the IURNAT University Institute, created to study the psychosocial behaviors of the demand for university training.