Quality Assurance Systemt

The eUniv has its own Quality Assurance (QA) System, approved by the General Board on 29 July 2019:

Constitutio V / 2019 of 29 July approving the QA System

QA System’s Guide

The QA System establishes the following organisation structure responsible for managing and improving quality:

It is the single body responsible, through delegation of the Office of the President, for chairing and managing the University’s Quality Commission, ensuring compliance with all the rules and instructions (vr.qualitas@euniv.eu).

It is the collegiate body that pursues the assurance and improvement of university quality, taking on for this purpose general responsibility for fostering and coordinating all the procedures to this end.

The technical body responsible for managing the QA System. The person responsible for it exercises the functions of secretary office of the Quality Committee and the monitoring commissions of the qualifications (sugq@euniv.eu).

These are the collegiate academic bodies whose objective is to ensure and improve the quality of each qualification, thereby being responsible for coordinating their specific monitoring and organising the processes towards external certification of their quality.

The QA System also determines all the procedures to be followed and the sources of information to be used to ensure the quality of the teaching and services of the University.