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sed multum

The eUniv is a project born out of a radical methodological renewal of university teaching. Its distinction is not based on the modality or technology but on the unique organisation of its teaching.

The eUniv model is based on the recognition that online students are mostly characterised as people with work, personal and social responsibilities, who when they enter ongoing education do so sequentially, studying only one programme at a time.

Therefore, the eUniv adapted to this reality and completely redefined the teaching organisation and the corresponding training activities. The result is the construction of a unique teaching model, which breaks with the university tradition of a methodology designed one-dimensionally to serve students from secondary education.

eUniv students are not required to take more than one subject at a time, or to enrol on more than one. They can do everything gradually, at their own pace, adapting the training to their circumstances (including financial). There is total flexibility in entering and following courses. The eUniv model envisages all the classic training activities ‒ theoretical, practical, participatory and research, either individually or as a group ‒ and to develop them it has a wide range of methodologies at its disposal, as well as educational technology designed specifically for higher and university education.