Pla Director de la Recerca: PDR

Research Master Plan: RMP

Academic research activity is organised in the eUniv according to the Research Master Plan (RMP). This instrument, prepared under the Vice-President’s Office, serves to bring together the interests and needs of the courses and the research applied.

The RMP lasts five years and includes all the lines of research promoted by the Vice-President’s Office available to students who have to carry out the compulsory assignments in each subject of their courses. The lines of research are divided into blocks for each of the courses, and, due to their level of complexity, within each block the projects in which bachelor’s or master’s degree students can participate are differentiated.

The RMP also reports on the research units that organise the lines of research, with a description of the objectives, methodologies, state, publications and staff involved. The RMP is approved by the Academic Board and its budget is integrated into the general budget of the Research Vice-President’s Office. Any modification that may occur during the period of validity established for the Plan requires an evaluation report by the eUniv Financial Manager on the economic impact. The doctoral research activity promoted by the J. H. Newman Doctoral School forms its own chapter within the Master Plan, taking into account its characteristics. However, the lines of doctoral research can involve students from other levels to carry out adjuvant research if this has a theoretical justification or involves methodologies beneficial for the training of these students.