Teachers and researchers

In accordance with the Standing Rules, the academic staff of the eUniv carries out, on an ordinary basis, teaching, research and academic management activities, and the President’s Office annually grants it the venia docendi, which entails teaching with full responsibility.

The eUniv’s academic staff is divided into four statutory categories:

Academic staff with a doctoral degree, who normally work at the University, responsible for managing research projects and fulltime teaching in the four study levels established at the eUniv; if they provide proof of certification of their scientific activity from a quality assurance agency, they receive the recognition of Chair of the eUniv.

Academic staff with a master’s degree or equivalent, responsible for fulltime teaching on the Advanced Professional Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree.

Academic staff with master’s degree or equivalent responsible for support tasks for teaching, research and tutoring students.

Academic staff from other higher education institutions, responsible for determined periods of fulltime teaching on the courses provided, in accordance with their certified qualification.

The eUniv academic staff is organised into faculties that encompass, according to their scientific affinity, the different areas of knowledge included in the course teaching programme.