eUniv and Universae sign an academic cooperation agreement

The Rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the General Attorney of Universae, Miguel Sieteiglesias, signed last Wednesday, March 6, an academic cooperation agreement that establishes the specific admission and validation bases for CFGS graduates coming from Universae institutes.

Dr. Antoni Noguero emphasized that this “is an important agreement to continue with the territorial implementation strategy of the eUniv” and that “the collaboration with Universae demonstrates the potential of the eUniv methodology in the educational development of students younger”. For his part, Mr. Miguel Sieteiglesias has pointed out that “this collaboration will allow Universae to expand the career opportunities we offer to students once they finish their studies”.

UNIVERSAE is a professional training center that covers several areas and specializes in the health and technology sector. In addition, UNIVERSAE has campuses in different geographical locations at an international level: more than 90,000 m² distributed between Spain, the USA and Latin America at the student’s disposal.