EUniv participates in the birth of the Eiximenis magazine

The Catalan Society for Legal Studies, a subsidiary of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), has decided to create a scientific journal dedicated to Public Law, which complements those already created on Historical Law and Private Law. This magazine will be called Eiximenis, in homage to the author of the treatise on the Public Thing Regiment (1383), and in memory of the Francesc Eiximenis Prize for the best research work on legal, economic and social sciences, instituted in 1950 at the time Catalan Society for Legal, Economic and Social Studies, from which the current Society for Legal Studies emerged.

EUniv will be present in this new scientific project through Professor Dr. Marc B. Escolà, from the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, who is part of the Editorial Board of the journal and is the author, in the first issue, of the award presentation of the historical figure of Francesc Eiximenis.

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