eUniv participates in the tribute to Professor Paul Freedman (Yale University) at the Monastery of Bellpuig de les Avellanes

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig de les Avellanes, the act of honoring the American historian Paul Freedman, a professor at Yale University, who has dedicated a good part of his fifty years, was held from his academic life to the study of medieval Catalan and Andorran history.

The tribute was promoted by the Consolidated Research Group in Medieval Studies of the University of Lleida and by the association of Friends of the Avellanes Monastery, and several members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities attended on behalf of eUniv, headed by the Humanities Education Coordinator, Francesc X. De Fantova.

Dr. Flocel Sabaté, made the academic gloss of the historian, who presented his latest book: The Splendor and Opulence of the Past: Studying the Middle Ages in Enlightenment Catalonia, a work that collects his research of the last decades on the so-called Escola Històrica de les Avellanes (18th century), especially on the documentation of the abbot and historian Jaume Caresmar, unexpectedly discovered in 2002.

Precisely, the participation of the eUniv in the academic recognition of the figure of Dr. Freedman consists of the translation and edition in Catalan of this work, which will be published next year 2025.