eUniv present at ACTINN & Talks

The professor of the Bachelor of Industrial Organization Engineering at the eUniv, Ramon Puente, participated in the monthly ACTINN & Talks Conference, which took place on Thursday, June 13, 2024 at the Ingeni Coworking Ònix, giving the conference on Digital business models and sustainability. In this conference, which was attended by managers and representatives of Andorran companies and administrations, Professor Puente presented his theses on the effective compatibility between sustainability and corporate social responsibility and the emerging business competitiveness of digital businesses.

Also, and in a complementary way to the conference, the Executive Program in Digital Transformation was presented, which is organized by eUniv together with ACTINN, and of which professor Puente himself will be the coordinator. This program will have the participation of more than 10 specialists in digital transformation, and requests for information can be addressed to