The eUniv Senate meets

Last Friday, June 14, the ordinary session of the Senate of the European University-eUniv corresponding to the second semester of the 2023-24 academic year was held.

The Chancellor, Dr. Jesús Prujà and the Vice-Chancellor, Mn. Pepe Chisvert, opened the session, which was attended by the majority of senators. In accordance with the agenda, the different evolutions of the university’s centers (F. Layret University College, J.H. Newman Doctoral School, University Institute of Applied Technology and the School of Classical Languages), in charge of the respective directors. Next, the academic prothonotary, Dr. Marc Escolà, presented the development of the various ongoing institutional projects, placing special emphasis on the international academic agreements signed, the different international networks of the University, the project of the School of Modern Languages ​​and the creation of the scientific journal Alma Mater . The Manager of the University, Anton Miret, closed the exhibitions by explaining to the Senate the promotion agreements signed with networks of higher education centers, especially with those in Latin America, as well as the rehabilitation and expansion works started at the headquarters and the Barcelona Foreign Office and, ultimately, the University’s economic development forecasts.

The Rector, Dr. Antoni Noguero, brought the session to a close and then the members of the Senate went to lunch at Naturland Lauredian Park, and later visited the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Canòlich, in commemoration of the eight hundred years since the image was found.