Participation of eUniv in the meeting of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS)

Every three years, the members of the International Association of Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS) meet and participate in a week-long conference. Over the years, this event has become the single most important conference in the field of neo-Latin studies. The communications presented at these conferences offer an overview of the current state of Neo-Latin research; its current trends, popular topics and methodologies.

In 2022, IANLS members met in Leuven where the first of these congresses took place 50 years ago. As a result of these days, the book “Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Lovaniensis. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Leuven 2022)” has been published. The articles cover a wide range of fields, including literature, history, philology, and religious studies.

Dr. Daniel Alvàrez, professor of Classical Languages ​​at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the European University-IMF, has participated in these conferences by publishing the article “Defenestratio ex Deputatione iurisperiti Narcissi de Sancto Dionisio et acta pertinentia Latine scripta (1425–1428)“.

E-Book ISBN: 9789004695580