Euniv’s Senator Alfred Albiol receives the ACCID Lifetime Achievement Award

The award is given to people who are distinguished by their activity in the field of accounting and management

The moment of delivering the award

Dr. Alfred Albiol, senator of the eUniv, has been awarded the Professional Career Award given by the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID). The award is given annually within the framework of the ACCID awards that this year celebrates the XVII Edition. Albiol explained that “receiving this award is an immense pride and satisfaction”.

The notification was made last year, but due to COVID19, the delivery took place on June 3 at the building of the College of Economists of Catalonia, in Barcelona. The jury in charge of awarding the award was made up of 4 people linked to the sector: Alfredo Rocafort, accounting professor at the UB, Emili Gironella, managing partner of Gironella Auditores, Daniel Faura, president of ACCID, and Xavier Subirats, secretary of the College of Economists of Catalonia.

In previous editions, ACCID has awarded this award to other professionals such as Salvador Alemany, CEO of ABERTIS, Mercè Martí, executive president of Kreston Iberaudit, and Emilio Álvarez, president of REA.

Senator Alfred Albiol is an Economist (graduated from the UB) and a PhD in Business Administration and Management from the UAO (Abat Oliva University). He is an account auditor and has been dean of the College of Business Graduates of Barcelona and of the Council of Business Graduate Colleges of Catalonia.