The European University and Linkia FP sign an academic cooperation agreement to promote Andorran university studies

The agreement follows the line of collaborations that eUniv has established to publicize the institution and Andorran studies internationally

Last May, eUniv and Linkia FP, a Spanish center for higher education courses, signed an academic cooperation agreement that establishes the specific admission and validation bases for CFGS graduates from Linkia FP. The rector of the eUniv, Dr. Antoni Noguero, and the sole administrator of Linkia FP, Mr. Xavier Camí signed the agreement in a protocol ceremony held at the external office of the eUniv in Barcelona.

With this agreement, eUniv continues with its policy of international alliances that allow the Andorran university brand to be consolidated, as well as the position of Sant Julià de Lòria as a university powerhouse. In this sense, the cooperation agreement with Linkia FP is added to those already established with the centers of Universae, the Jesuits and the Instituto Universitario Superior de San Isidro in Ecuador, among others.

“Our will is to continue to make a mark and make a country everywhere; the Andorra brand has a lot of potential and we believe that from the university world we can promote alliances that are productive for the country’s identity”, said Dr. walnut tree In the same way, Mr. Xavier Camí has ​​assured that “this alliance is the product of the will of both entities to give value and strength to quality training”.

Linkia FP is a distance professional training center made up of several reference centers such as Stucom, the Center for Polytechnic Studies, Monlau or EduCem, among others. Linkia is committed to offering a 100% online and face-to-face pedagogical model that combines theory and professional practice and trains the student in the latest digital skills.