The Municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria, the eUniv, the UDA and Charlemagne join forces and constitute the Sant Julià de Lòria University Campus Association (ACU).

The Municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria, the University of Andorra, the University European and Charlemagne University have formed this Thursday at noon the Sant Julià de Lòria University Campus Association (ACU). This association was born thanks to the commitment of the corporation, the Government support for the involvement of university institutions for to consolidate Sant Julià de Lòria as a parish of reference in the field of higher education.

Sant Julià de Lòria is a town with a strong presence of higer education institutions: Ministry of Education, European University, University of Andorra, Charlemagne University, Institute of Studies Andorrans, Vocational Training Center, Aviation School, etc. And the presence of these institutions significantly influences the economy and the culture of the parish.

With data from 2020-2021 university and higher education moved one volume of about 3,200 students, of whom 58% were students face-to-face and 42% virtual students.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the percentage of virtual students is very important for the parish as virtual universities, through of its teaching staff, the academic boards, the doctoral proceedings, the presentations and other events related to its operation have a very positive influence on the economy of the parish. For this reason, this representative body has been created with the support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

During the event, held at the Casa Comuna after the plenary session of the Comú was approved unanimously initiated the initiative in an extraordinary session held this the same morning at 10 a.m., the Consul General and President of the ACU, Josep Majoral recalled some words spoken at the opening of the course the UdA in October last year said that “I count on all of you to make it possible”, in reference to all the projects linked to the growth of the parish through education.

Majoral went on to say that today one of them [project] is already a reality. I if they allow me, I count on all of you to make the rest possible. Together we can go beyond stages and write a beautiful page that generations they will surely take over for us”.

For this part, the rector of the European University, Antoni Noguero, also spoke said that “we are laying the first stone to strengthen the Common in the field university, as well as scientific and technological. It looks like one ideal initiative to show the residents of Sant Julià the potential that it has for the territory the activities that we will carry out”.

The rector of the UdA, Miquel Nicolau, emphasized that “Higher education and research are the best bet to contribute solutions to present and future challenges and to improve the quality of life of the citizens”.

The secretary spoke on behalf of Carlemany University Andreu Bellot, who emphasized that “collaboration between Andorran universities will contribute to Andorra, and in particular Sant Julià of Loria, can be recognized as a hub of knowledge that serves the new needs of the environment aligned with sustainability”.


The ACU is committed to making Sant Julià de Lòria the umbrella of the concepts university, science and technology that have a narrow link between them and that should be the engine of the population in the middle / home deadline to boost business and talent in science-related fields and technology.

The logo is focused on conveying the concepts of cohesion between the three legs: university, science and technology. Using the color silver in reference to the noble material in contrast to the color black to give a scientific reading in essence and technological in application.