Presented the Bachelor’s Degree Study Plan in Political Science

The eUniv has presented to the Andorran Quality Agency (AQUA) the memory of the Bachelor’s Degree Study Plan in Political Science. This title was created by Decree 300/2022, of July 13, 2022, of the Government of Andorra, at the request of the Charlemagne University.

The approval of this study plan will mean the implementation of the eighth Bachelor’s Degree at the F. Layret University College of the eUniv, and its implementation is scheduled for the next academic year 2023-24.

Following the eUniv academic model, the future Bachelor’s Degree will have a structure of five teaching units for each of the three courses of the program. Initially, the academic coordination of the title will be assumed by dr. Marc Gz.-Bachmann, Professor at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.