The eUniv promotes the creation of new state university degrees

The eUniv has submitted to the ministry the applications, accompanied by the corresponding projects, for the creation of the Bachelor ‘s Degree in Classical Languages ​​and the master’s degrees in Theology and Religious Studies and in Criminology. The creation of these state titles by the Government will allow the university to present the reports for the approval of the corresponding study plans to the Andorran Quality Agency.

The establishment of the offer of state university degrees of the Principality of Andorra is a competence of its Government, which by means of its decrees proceeds to its creation or extinction. These governmental decisions are adopted by virtue of the initiatives of the country’s higher education institutions, which are the ones that propose and defend the creation of new qualifications before the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Since its creation in 2019, eUniv has launched the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, the Bachelor’s Degree in Law, the Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan, the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, as well as the Master’s Degree in Business Administration, the Master’s Degree in Humanities, the Master’s Degree in Catalan and the Interdisciplinary Program of Doctorate. In addition, he has recently presented the report to teach the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.