Reorganization of the Faculties and teaching staff of the eUniv

The Academic Board of the University agreed in its ordinary session in September, at the request of the Academic Prothonotary, to reorder the initial structure of the teaching faculties in order to simplify it and adapt it to the classic structure.

From this reorganization, the first faculty will include teaching staff linked to the areas of scientific knowledge of Arts and Humanities, the second to Law and Social Sciences, and the third to Medicine and Health Sciences, which is created now to be able to accommodate the new teaching staff of the state Psychology studies and of the Odontology studies. It is also planned to create a fourth faculty when Theology studies are implemented at the eUniv.

The agreement also provides that each faculty will use a single color in the solemn academic events, which will correspond to the classic university tradition: sky blue for the first, red for the second, yellow for the third and white for in the future quarter.

In accordance with the statutes of the eUniv, the position of Dean is held by the professor with the doctoral degree who is older, and the Secretary corresponds to whoever is younger.

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