Facultat de  Ciències Econòmiques i Socials

Faculty of

Legal and Political Sciences

In accordance with allocation of teaching positions established in the teaching programme of the state courses provided, the third Faculty brings together the academic staff in the areas of scientific knowledge related to the Legal and Political Sciences:

  • 01. Political and Administrative Science
  • 02. Administrative Law
  • 03. Civil Law
  • 04. Constitutional Law
  • 05. Financial and Tax Law
  • 06. Private International Law
  • 07. Public International Law and International Relations
  • 08. Labour Law
  • 09. Commercial Law
  • 10. Criminal Law
  • 11. Procedural Law
  • 12. Roman Law
  • 13. Philosophy of Law
  • 14. History of Law and Institutions

The Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences is organised through a representative Council formed by a member elected for each field of knowledge, and chaired by the most senior member with a doctoral degree, who holds the title of Dean.

The Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences is Dr Alfred Albiol, professor in the Department of Commercial Law, who joined in the academic year 2019-20. His mandate ends on 31 August 2023. deganat.fjp@euniv.eu