Doctoral Programme in Education and Technology

Doctorat en Educació i Tecnologia

The Doctoral Programme is a state university qualification created by the Government of Andorra Decree of 23 April 2008, to provide students with advanced and specialised training in scientific research techniques, including the preparation and presentation of the corresponding doctoral thesis, consisting of an original and unpublished research project.

The eUniv Doctoral Programme was approved by the Government of Andorra Decree of 30 September 2020 and introduced in the academic year 2020-21.

Those who are interested will be able to apply for their entrance at the beginning of each academic semester (September / February).

The eUniv Doctoral Programme offers doctoral students from the field of the arts and humanities diverse lines of research organised by the Lullian Chair in Education and Technology, and its specialized research centers are responsible for the academic tutelage of docotoral candidates.